Benjamin Netanyahu explains | Power Line

The answer to all three questions are the same. Why Congress? Why Washington? Why now? Because of the grave dangers posed by the deal that is on the table right now.”

Benjamin Netanyahu explains | Power Line.

The President’s Year in Pinocchios |

2014 will not be a year that President Obama can claim as a year he spoke truth to the American people. Speaker John Boehner updates us on the ‘whoppers’ (no burger involved) our president attempted to feed us in 2014. As a matter of fact, 2014 garnered more lies from the President than 2013 (which also was nothing to brag about when it comes to the truth). And this is the truth!

The President’s Year in Pinocchios |

The Deep Racial Divide Between White and Black Evangelical Christians – The Atlantic

The racially-based divide between Christians is a symptom of spiritual disease — hearts that have not been changed by the Spirit of the Living God.

Who is Jesus speaking to when He says, ‘depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you’?

I am convinced that racial animosity in the hearts of Christians will place many in that group. We need to repent!

Robert P. Jones writes a compelling piece here that will hopefully force Christians of all races to check their hearts to see if Jesus has entered or whether it is an unclean spirit which foments racism against our brothers and sisters.

The Deep Racial Divide Between White and Black Evangelical Christians – The Atlantic.

Black crime and police killings |

 What is also easy to forget in the denunciation of black crime is that the vast majority of blacks are not criminals. In any given year, less than 5 percent of African Americans are involved in violent crime as perpetrators or victims. The fact that blacks make up a large share of the violent criminal population gives many whites the impression that violent criminals make up a large share of the black population. They don’t.” – STEVE CHAPMAN

Black crime and police killings |

Elbert Guillory’s Message to the Black Community | The American Spectator

It is time Black America! If we are serious about income inequality, racism, poverty, unemployment and the many other ills affecting us; we must stop accepting the status quo.

The reality is that it is not one party or any one group of people (white man) causing our woes — it is us — our failure to trust in our God and in the wisdom of our own selves to do what is best, both individually and collectively.

I thank God that blinders are beginning to come off, minds are once again engaged in taking action for our own good, and that men like Elbert Guillory are speaking out boldly against all things that keep us bound.

Elbert Guillory’s Message to the Black Community | The American Spectator.

Black Voters Waking-Up in America!!

Are we as Black American voters finally waking-up to the Democratic parties’ deception? Do Democrats, including the “first black president” and black leaders really care about black constituents?

Their ”caring” for us is worse than what we could expect from the cruelest enemy:  “Caring” for us has produced the highest rates of …

–  unemployment

–  abortion

–  high school drop-outs

–  illegitimate children

–  non-home ownership

–  mortality from diseases

–  poverty

I could continue…but these black citizens say it better. Please WATCH and listen!

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

Via: Rebel Pundit on YouTube